Skin Care Underwear for Daily Life

Based on customers' various needs, we produce underwear that is not only functional but also good for skin care.

We launched our brand "bodyhints" in 2013.
We have offered many kinds of original underwear which is gentle to women.
Women have life stages such as childhood, puberty, maturity, menopause, and old age.
Some of them have female specific troubles at those stages.
So, we would like to be close to and helpful for women in solving such troubles with our bodyhints products.
We would like to help women be healthy and beautiful!

Unique Features

Our bodyhints underwear is made of fabrics that are especially gentle for the skin such as cotton, silk, rice bran moisturizing component added fabric and so on. We are also careful about how to sew for reducing stress for the skin. Therefore, many customers who have atopic eczema or sensitive skin love to wear our bodyhints underwear. Furthermore, some of our products are recommended by the Japan Atopic Dermatitis Patients Association. We also have various kinds of bodyhints sanitary underwear to solve worries and problems during menstrual period. Other than underwear, we provide masks, which you can care for your skin by wearing them.

Rice Bran

Giving moisture for your dry skin.

You can do your skin care just by wearing underwear
knitted with special yarn that has rice bran moisturizing
ingredients blended into it.


Silk, the kind of natural fibers, is the most suitable material
for underwear.
It's naturally temperature regulating and keeps your body

100% Cotton Airy Gauze

100% cotton airy gauze is gentle on your sensitive skin.
It is so soft and fluffy, so that once you touch it,
you can't let it go.

Supima Cotton

Supima cotton is the best fabric for a customer who wants
perfect fit underwear but needs a soft feel. Using the finest
quality Supima cotton in a variety of colors.



We are currently looking for distributors for our private brands (ayame, AROMATIQUE, and bodyhints) all over the world,
including the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and China. If you are interested in it, please contact us through the form in the above CONTACT.