Moving Forward by Wearing Comfortable Underwear

Your menstrual cycle affects your body and soul daily.
For being yourself in your daily life, let's know yourself.
ayame sanitary panties support your active participation
in global society.

New Type of Sanitary Panties

ayame sanitary panties are used with a separated absorbent pad.
The pad can be replaced and washed, so it is environmentally friendly and hygienic.

Using with TAKAGI’s original pad, econap®.
Putting the pad into the pocket on the gusset as the white part facing up.

Fabric for Comfort

The stretch fabric is a mixture of rayon and organic cotton that uses the deodorant fiber "AdSep®" and fits gently to the body.
With the unique softness of rayon, it comfortably wraps around your skin. The deodorant effect is restored with each wash because it uses thread kneaded with deodorant fiber.

Craftsmanship for Making ayame Products

We offer the safe and reliable products.
Making with well skilled sewing technique and carrying out the strict inspections at our ownfactory in Nagasaki, Japan.

Lineup for Supporting Women’s Life Cycle

Water Absorbent Sanitary Panties




w/Waterproof Cloth

w/ Lace

Medicarbon Thermal Pantyliner
Medicarbon Thermal Belly Warmer
Daily Panties with Silk Gusset
Triangle Bras
Medicarbon: a botanical carbon fiver made entirely of natural charcoal.



We are currently looking for distributors for our private brands (ayame, AROMATIQUE, and bodyhints) all over the world,
including the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and China. If you are interested in it, please contact us through the form in the above CONTACT.