Focusing on Real Comfort.

Since its establishment, Takagi has been pursuing "comfort" for people, including functionality that allows people to spend their time in a hygenic and comfortable environment, and activities that support women's active roles in society.
We are committed to providing a comfortable environment where everyone can be themselves, 365 days a year. Takagi will continue to deliver such "comfort".



Commitment to quality.
Takagi has been making sanitary panties, a delicate women's product, for a long time.
we are able to offer products with originality and attention to detail.



Yarns, fabrics, planning, patterns, and sewing; each item is carefully crafted down to the smallest detail.
Takagi will l be intimate with you in every scene from daily life to special occasions.

Takagi's patents and utility models

For more than 90 years, Takagi has been committed to manufacturing underwears for all women.
As a result of our continuous pursuit of gentleness on the skin and to womens, we have obtained many utility models and patents.

As a pioneer of sanitary panties (sanitary underwears) accepted by Japanese women
We have developed gussets that can accommodate wings (the first in Japan), original 6-layer incontinence pads, and cloth sanitary napkins (eco-nap®).
In the field of functional panties, we continue to develop not only hygiene products but also correctional underwear.

It may be a matter of course that underwear is gentle on the skin.
However, it is the accumulated professional attention to detail that leads to a spirit of product exploration, and it is this that has led to the development of products that are truly "gentle on the skin, gentle to people, and comfortable for people.
We are able to create products that are truly "gentle on the skin and gentle to people.

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